September 19, 2023

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Agricultural sector

Posted on January 06, 2022 | Author Cashmere amount

The importance of self-sufficiency in agricultural production and the development of agriculture and allied sectors is underestimated, possibly due to the excessive attention drawn to other sectors. Many experts believe that the agriculture and horticulture sectors can become key drivers of UT’s economic growth in the future. Unfortunately, in J&K, especially in the valley, farmland is declining as the designated land is used for residential and commercial purposes. Furthermore, industrial growth and development itself had been very poorly managed over the past 50 years. J&K still has agriculture and related sectors as the backbone of its economy. It is a fact that modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data as well as collaborations between farmers and researchers in the public and private sectors. It is not made any particular knowledge that agricultural inputs have experienced a tremendous increase around the world through the implementation of technological innovations. From specialized seeds to cultivation and irrigation methods, agriculture has remained a lifelong interest of scientists in the developed part of the world. Even in India, a lot of research and technology has gone into increasing the production and improving the quality of various agricultural products. It will be a denial of the facts if we stick to the cynical notes that in agriculture, Kashmir is where it was fifty years ago. We too have seen positive changes and we have also taken advantage of new technology that has appeared in agriculture from time to time. Despite the development progress we have made in agriculture, it remains a fact that we are lagging far behind other states in India. This is probably one of the reasons why our young generation wants to give up farming activities as soon as they have the chance. Because it’s still raw and not making as much as you might expect, people are forced to think about moving on to another activity. The agriculture and horticulture sector provides an open space for technical graduates to start their own businesses, but what is lacking in the arrangement is an appropriate delivery model. To retain the value of this sector and make it as lucrative as other business engagements, it is extremely important that our agronomists come up with new ideas and help the valley farmer to use the latest technologies and innovations so that they are able to produce more. The agricultural sector will face more constraints in the years to come if harmful practices leading to reduced production are not abandoned. While industries have failed to relieve the economy, grow and keep pace, the best bet remains agriculture.