September 19, 2023

Agricultural sector emissions target: “difficult but achievable”

The agreed emissions reduction target for agriculture is “a very challenging but achievable ambition for the sector”.

So says Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Charlie McConalogue, speaking at a press briefing tonight (Thursday July 28e2022).

The government has agreed emissions caps for each sector of the economy which paves the way for a 51% reduction by 2030.

The agricultural sector will have to reduce its emissions by 25% by 2030, compared to 2018 levels.

The minister said this figure is within the target range assigned to the sector under the 2021 Climate Action Plan.

“The Program for Government and the Climate Act committed us to strong climate action.”

“The world is facing a climate crisis, so such action is absolutely essential. It also recognizes the special economic and social role of agriculture and the importance of sustainable food production.

“I am convinced that the agreement we have reached today strikes the right balance in this regard.”

“I am pleased to have reached this conclusion as a way to provide certainty for our farm families and their businesses over the next decade,” he added.

Food production

The minister expressed confidence that farmers will rise to this challenge.

As minister, he said he would “stand behind” farmers on this journey to support them “every” step.

At the press conference, he said it was a “good result” for farming families.

He believes this will “support them in continuing to do the work that they do in food production”.

He said food production will be “more and more important in the years to come” than it has been in recent times.

“The challenge for all of us is to continue the work of food production, which must be greater across the world. We have to do it in a way with less emissions in terms of sustainable production. »

He said Ireland has ‘one of the most enduring models in the world’ and that is where it starts.

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