September 19, 2023

Agriculture Department to invest $1 billion in climate-friendly agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will invest up to $1 billion in pilot projects that reduce global warming emissions or store carbon to prevent them from being released into the air.

The ministry announced its new climate-smart commodity partnerships initiative on Monday, saying it will aim to support “climate-smart” farmers, ranchers and forest owners.

Practices eligible for funding under the initiative include reforestation and sustainable forest management, and managing animal feed to reduce the amount of planet-warming glass they belch.


Funding for the project will come from the Commodity Credit Corporation, a Crown corporation whose funds are used to implement programs established by Congress.

“The USDA will provide targeted funding to meet domestic and global demand and expand market opportunities for climate-smart products to increase the competitive advantage of U.S. producers,” the Secretary of Agriculture said. . Tom VilsackTom VilsackUSDA: Farm-to-school programs help schools serve healthier meals said in a statement on the program.

He met with some Republican backsliding while the senator. Roger MarshallRoger W. MarshallOvernight Energy & Environment – EPA advisers back tougher soot standards Agriculture Department to spend billions on climate-friendly agriculture Swalwell slams House Republican for touting funding for a bill she rejected MORE (R-Kan.) Accused the department of trying to circumvent Congress.

“Although I am a strong believer in conservation and believe that farmers are the first conservationists, I write today with concerns that the USDA is using Commodity Credit Corp. (CCC) in an effort to circumvent the Farm Bill process where programs are established by and with the consent of Congress,” he wrote in a letter to Vilsack on Monday.