September 19, 2023

Barrow meets with IFAD Vice-President on strengthening the agricultural sector

Following his meeting with President Barrow, Mr Brown said IFAD projects in The Gambia, such as the ROOTS value chain project, will help increase food production in the country and ensure national food security. long-term.

The IFAD official referred to the impact of the war in Ukraine on global food security and the priorities countries have set to produce enough food for themselves to be able to support their populations.

“So overall, we’re looking to contribute to that national food security in countries like The Gambia,” Brown said.

The Minister of Agriculture, Honorable Demba Sabally, underscored the importance of food availability and its links to national security. He said some of the issues discussed with IFAD related to the revitalization of rice production in Jahally-Pacharr as well as the availability of fertilizer for farmers in the country.

Hon. Sabally said most of the farmers in Jahally-Pacharr are small rice farmers, arguing that the country needs a more aggressive agricultural land use policy to ensure food self-sufficiency.

He added that the private investor in the agricultural industry could complement the processes aimed at enhancing food security.

Regarding the availability of fertilizers for farmers, Minister Sabally said that there are currently 14,000 metric tons available in all parts of the country.

In a separate engagement, President Adama Barrow presided over the swearing-in of two permanent secretaries and an assistant cabinet secretary at State House in Banjul. Mr. Yankuba Saidy and Ms. Roheyatou Kah took the various oaths of office as Permanent Secretaries to the Ministries of Information and Civil Service, respectively, and Mr. Illo Jallow as Deputy Cabinet Secretary before the start of the Cabinet.