September 19, 2023

Bihar minister dubs himself ‘Sardinian of thieves’ in agriculture department, says ‘style of work remained the same’ after change of government

Sudhakar Singh, Minister of Agriculture of Bihar

Photo: ANI

Patna: Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh has sparked huge controversy after claiming he is the ‘sardar of thieves’ in his department. He also alleged that the Bihar State Seed Corporation embezzled around Rs 200 crore in the name of helping farmers. In follow-up comments on Tuesday, the lawmaker stood by what he said and said he would continue to “fight for the people.”

“There is not a single wing of our (agriculture) department that does not commit acts of theft. As I am the head of the department, I become their Sardar (head). There are also many more people above me. The government has changed, but the working style has remained the same. Everything is like before,” Singh told Kaimur.

“Farmers who had to grow good quality paddy, do not take paddy seed from Bihar State Seed Corporation. Even if they take it for some reason, they do not put it in their fields. Instead of relieving the farmers, seed companies are stealing Rs 100-150 crore,” he alleged.

“This government is old and its working style is also old. It is the duty of ordinary people to alert the government. If you burn effigies, I will realize that something is wrong. But if you don’t Don’t do it, I think everything is fine,” he added while addressing a gathering of farmers in Kaimur district on Sunday.

Notably, Singh had previously been embroiled in a ‘rice embezzlement’ controversy when he was a minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet in 2013. After taking office as a minister in Mahagatbandhan’s new government, the BJP attacked coalition government on this.

“They should see the court order on the matter. Allegations are always made but not always true. The scam, if it happened, happened under their rule. Why didn’t they resume that then?” Singh replied.

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