September 19, 2023

Brown pattadar booklets for owners of non-agricultural land

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said maroon-colored pattadar booklets will be issued to owners of non-agricultural lands in the state.

The free online transfer will be done for all kinds of non-farm properties, including houses, plots, apartments, farms and residential accommodation on farmland, Rao said in a meeting with officials. to discuss the implementation of the new revenue law and registration. non-agricultural properties in the Dharani portal.

The transfer requirement will not apply to houses built on endowment land, wakf, nala, FTL and urban land cap.

He said the booklets were designed to provide a permanent solution to land disputes and resulting clashes. The government aimed to provide full security to the properties of the poor, middle class and all other sections of the population through the new legislation. The law was enacted keeping in mind the long-term and general benefits of people. Details of each house must be registered online in villages and municipal areas. It had to be ensured that houses were numbered, taxes were collected and “nala conversions” were taken for residential accommodation on farmland. Irrespective of the delay in the completion of the Dharani Land Transaction Portal, registration of agricultural and non-agricultural land will only occur after its launch.

He warned that the portal will now be the only platform for transferring even an inch of land from one person to another. Hence, people have to register their non-farm properties online with Aadhaar and door numbers and details of family members.

He also warned that people would face problems in the future if they did not move their properties now.

The government will regularize the houses of the poor where they have been staying for a long time. This will not only provide them with security, but also facilitate bank borrowing. There was no connection between the transfer and the ongoing land regularization program. Construction of houses or deviations, if any, will be considered in accordance with panchayat raj and municipal laws. Nala conversions of agricultural land in gram panchayats and houses in municipal areas will be carried out free of charge.

Mr. Rao called on public officials and officials to educate people on the process involved in removing the tract of land used for residential housing construction into farmland from the agricultural category.

The meeting was attended by Ministers KT Rama Rao, V. Prashant Reddy, E. Dayakar Rao, P. Ajay Kumar, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, Chief Government Advisor Rajeev Sharma and some lawmakers.