September 19, 2023

Department of Agriculture issues warning to farmers in Yadgir

The Department of Agriculture has issued a warning notice to farmers in the district to purchase seed such as green gram, red gram and cotton only from authorized dealers.

In a statement, Abid, co-director of the department, said the district had received enough rain to encourage farmers to undertake agricultural activities, including sowing in the prepared land. Farmers should therefore purchase seed from authorized dealers or buyers and require a cash receipt as proof of purchase of the seed.

“It is possible that strangers from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra come to your village to sell the seeds in bulk,” Mr Abid said.

If such a person is found, farmers should immediately call available officers at the numbers listed below and join the department in preventing such activities, they said.

Sunilkumar Deputy Director of Agriculture Shahapur – 8277933419 Roopa Devi Agriculture Bureau Shahapur 8277935667 and Suresh -8277935668 Amaresh Agriculture Officer Gogi 9902876798 Amaresh Agriculture Officer Hayyal ( B)- 9740495117, Nagaraj, agriculture officer in Doranahalli village -8277935674, Jagadish, agriculture officer in Wadagera- 8277935675, Gurunath, deputy director of agriculture department in Shorapur-8277933428, Vinayak, officer technical 8277935670, Bheemaraya, Agriculture Officer- 8277933437, Parashunath, Agriculture Officer at Shorapur and Hunsagi- 8277,9334 Agriculture Officer at Kakkera- 9972763363, Ramanagowda, Agriculture Officer at Kodekal- 8277933445, Siddarth Patil, Agriculture Officer at Kembhavi-8277933430, Swetha Talemarad, Deputy Agricultural Officer Yadgir- 8277933405, Ayyanna, Agricultural Officer-7483300485, Ganapathi- 632,075 Shobha 8277933409, Jayappa, Agricultural Officer Balichakra- 8277935666, Mahipal R eddy, A agricultural officer at Konkal-8277935662, Menaka, agricultural officer at Saidapur-8277935665, Mallikarjun Kandar, agricultural officer at Hattikuni- 9901699421 and Mallikarjun Warad, agricultural officer at Gurmitkal-8277935664 respectively.