September 19, 2023

EarthTalks conference to discuss competition in solar and agricultural land use

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — In November 2018, Pennsylvania passed a Solar Future Plan to increase the state’s solar power generation by 10 percent by 2030. This will require the use of vast lands that are often in competition with other uses, particularly agricultural ones. production. This competition will put pressure on farmers and agricultural landowners to navigate the ethical and logistical tensions of integrating solar PV on their land, as well as the impact of these projects on the community and the wider landscape.

Kaitlyn Spangler, Postdoctoral Fellow in Penn State’s Department of Geography, will deliver the talk “Towards Solar Justice in Pennsylvania: Land, Farm, and Energy Tensions” at 4 p.m. on Monday, October 10. The conference, which is free and open to the public, is taking place at the 112 Walker Building and via Zoom.

Spangler’s talk is part of the Fall 2022 EESI EarthTalks series, “Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of Solar Energy.” Using both a local and global scope, the series addresses the latest perspectives on policy, environmental management, and technological advancements toward the dual use and social and cultural implications of solar energy.

The EESI EarthTalks series is supported by Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute. Chats are also available via Zoom. Visit the Fall 2022 EarthTalks website to learn more.