September 19, 2023

Farmers urged to only buy seed from authorized dealers: Department of Agriculture

Farmers urged to only buy seed from authorized dealers: Department of Agriculture

Farmers in Yadgir district have been warned by the Department of Agriculture to buy only sowing seeds such as green gram, red gram and cotton from authorized dealers.

Abid, the joint director of the department, said in a statement that the district has received enough rain, encouraging farmers to engage in agricultural operations such as planting in prepared land. Farmers must therefore acquire seed from authorized dealers or buyers and require a cash receipt as proof of purchase.

“There is a chance that strangers from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra would come to your village to offer bulk seeds,” Mr. Abid said. If such a person is found, farmers should immediately contact the officials listed below and partner with the department to prevent such operations, they advised.

Sunilkumar Deputy Director of Agriculture Shahapur – 8277933419 Roopa Devi Agriculture Bureau Shahapur 8277935667 and Suresh -8277935668 Amaresh Agriculture Officer Gogi 9902876798 Amaresh Agriculture Officer Hayyal ( B)- 9740495117, Nagaraj, agriculture officer in Doranahalli village -8277935674, Jagadish, agriculture officer in Wadagera- 8277935675, Gurunath, deputy director of agriculture department in Shorapur-8277933428.

Vinayak, Technical Officer 8277935670, Bheemaraya, Agricultural Officer – 8277933437, Parashunath, Agricultural Officer in Shorapur and Hunsagi – 8277933442, Sridhar, Agricultural Officer in Kakkera – 9972763363, Ramanagowda, Agricultural Officer in Kodekal – 8277933445, Siddarth Patil, Agricultural Officer in Kembhavi – Agricultural Officer in Kembhavi – 8277933445 8277933430, Swetha Talemarad, Assistant Agricultural Officer Yadgir- 8277933405, Ayyanna, Agricultural Officer-7483300485, Ganapathi- 6360759812, Shobha-8277933409, Jayappa, Agricultural Officer Balichakra- 8277935666, Mahipal Reddy, Agricultural Officer Konkal-6 Officer-5,8 Saidapur-8277935665, Mallikarjun Kandar, Agriculture Officer at Hattikuni- 9901699421 and Mallikarjun Ward, Agriculture Officer at Gurmitkal -8277935664 respectively.

In another case, farmers in North Karnataka who have lost crops in the past two years are delighted with the favorable pre-monsoon rains and have accelerated their planting operations.

The agriculture department is also ready to provide the appropriate amount of seeds and fertilizers to help the farmers. Cotton will cover 70,000 hectares, green gram 53,000 hectares, maize 50,000 hectares, soybeans 32,600 hectares, groundnuts 26,000 hectares, black gram 8,700 hectares and sugarcane 11,000 hectares in the district of Dharwad, according to the department. Apart from the 14 Raitha Sampark Kendras, the agriculture department established 16 new seed and fertilizer distribution centers.

There is a demand for 21,000 quintals of seed for sowing Kharif, and the authorities say they will be able to meet it. Chemical fertilizers are also abundant. The number of fertilizers needed is 60,164 quintals from April to September, and there is now a stock of 19,000 quintals, according to the authorities.

First published: May 28, 2022, 12:21 p.m. IST