December 11, 2022

Federal grant helps John Hardin High School Agriculture Department grow

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) — A grant from the United States Department of Agriculture is helping John Hardin High School’s agriculture program grow.

The grant will add a few more hydroponic systems to their already successful setup and expand the program over two years.

Students are currently experimenting with aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture. They currently produce 200 pounds of tilapia every six months to donate to a local food bank.

On top of that, every four weeks they grow 90 pounds of lettuce which the school district buys and uses for the students. Any excess is donated to a soup kitchen.

With the nearly $50,000 grant, they will be able to produce an additional 65 pounds of lettuce every four weeks and will be able to grow new things, like strawberries and more vegetables.

Agriculture professor Jeremy Hall said it could be the future of farming across the country.

“The demand is there in our state as well,” Hall said. “And I want our students to be at the forefront of this technology.”

Hall’s son, Brayden Hall, said he has been involved in farming since he could walk. He is the regional president of the FFA.

Since joining the program as a freshman, things in the water garden have changed.

“I’m so amazed by this,” Hall said.

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