September 19, 2023

Gibo bats to modernize the agricultural sector

MANILA, Philippines — Former Secretary of National Defense and Senate candidate Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro supports the modernization of the agricultural sector to improve farmer productivity and make local produce more affordable.

Teodoro said that the modernization of the agricultural sector will help to increase the yield of farmers, improve the quality of their crops and compete with imported agricultural products at low prices.

The former Tarlac representative and High Notary to the Bar from 1989 said that although the Mechanization of Agriculture and Fisheries Act is in place to promote innovation in these sectors, investments for modernization remain low due to the high cost of machinery and equipment, the complexity of loan applications and access to training.

Teodoro, who has extensive experience in the public and private sectors, also said farmers would be encouraged to invest in modernization if the retention limit on farmland was not limited to five hectares. He added that farmers will not buy expensive machinery if they are unable to expand their farmland.

“Modernization will lead the country to transform its agricultural sector. While this will help increase farmers’ productivity and incomes, it will also support the country’s goal of achieving food security,” he said.