September 19, 2023

Grenada: Government launches spice replanting program to improve agricultural sector

Grenada: Government launches spice replanting program to improve agricultural sector

Grenade: The Government of Grenada, through the Ministry of Agriculture, is stepping up efforts to increase spice production with the launch of the Spice Replanting Program.

The symbolic launch took place at St. David’s Roman Catholic School in Bellevue St. David on Tuesday, September 13. The government wants to have 100,000 spices in production in different places on the island and has strategically chosen St. David to start the process in an attempt to restore the importance of spice production in this parish.

Prior to Hurricane Ivan in 2004, St. David grew various spices – nutmeg, cocoa, wood band, chili, cinnamon, nutmeg, sapote, and tonka bean, among others.

However, the loss of spice plantations, coupled with poor management of existing fields, has led to a significant decline.

“Today’s event indicates the government’s serious attitude towards agriculture. This will be the first official garden for this project,” said Minister of State for Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives, Senator Adrian Thomas, stressing the importance of launching the program in St. David.

He said: “St. David is the king of spices in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Cloves, cinnamon, sapote, clove, tonka bean and others were all known to be produced in St. David.

The project will not only focus on traditional and locally known spices, it will also allow the introduction of new spices to Grenada. Senator Thomas said it is the government’s responsibility to ensure ‘Spice Island’ is conserved and maintained.

St. David’s Roman Catholic School principal Nicole Baptiste said the move is encouraging for the future farm worker.

“As we see our Minister of Agriculture demonstrating and leading the way in the replanting of our spices, we hope this initiative will inspire our young boys and girls to plant, nurture and continue to produce all of our different spices in Grenada” , she said. said.

The launch was attended by residents of the Bellevue community. Resident Mark Anthony Francis said the program was a welcome initiative. “…as it is done around children, who would recognize what is being done and learn how it should be done, it can encourage them to become farmers one day.

I think it’s a great project and should put us in a good position down the line. Another resident, Reginald Telesford, said the move would benefit the country economically. The spice replanting program will be implemented in every parish in Grenada.