September 19, 2023

Hubballi: Agriculture Ministry warning on Chinese seeds confuses farmers | Hubballi news

HUBBALLI: The state’s agricultural fraternity is bewildered by rumors of the arrival of mysterious Chinese seeds supposedly harmful. Their concerns have doubled since the state’s agriculture department issued a press release alarming farmers against receiving or using packets of seeds from unidentified sources.
Farmer leaders, however, criticize the government’s warning as an evasion of its responsibility to monitor seeds and alert the Union government and relevant departments like the post office, police and customs.
The press release, issued by the joint directors of all districts, says that if such seeds are sown, the crop will be destroyed within a month. “Farmers in England and Canada have received such seeds while America has traced 14 species of flowers grown from such seeds. The senders of these seeds could not be located. However, the use of such seeds made the earth infertile. Farmers should therefore reject these packages. If they receive it, they must burn them with a blanket or must inform the agriculture office or the police station nearby, ”the statement said.
Siddu Teji, an agricultural leader from North Karnataka, said farmers are already stressed after the Covid lockdown and the financial crisis. “Now this warning has created a lot of confusion and we now suspect the quality of the seeds available on the market. It is the responsibility of the agriculture department to prevent the threat of mysterious seeds. The department should check the quality of the seeds, ”he added.
Sustainable agriculture expert Suresh Kanjarpane wondered how packages could reach farmers directly from China. “If some disbelievers in China send such seeds, how could they get the postal addresses of the farmers?” Another concern is that these shipments arrive by air. If so, then what is central customs doing there? If the state government has come across such incidents, it should alert the central customs, post and police services, ”he said.
“There is no need to alert farmers to this issue as farmers are well aware that our seed sector is dynamic and efficient with the influx of government companies, research institutes, multinational corporations and local seed conservation groups, “said TN Prakash Kammardi, former chairman of the Karnataka Agricultural Prices Commission.