September 19, 2023

In conversation with the Founder and CEO of SFarmsIndia – Exclusive Farmland Market Kamesh Mupparaju

Kamesh Mupparaju – Founder and CEO of SFarmsIndia

Investing in agricultural land / farms in India has great benefits; the main one being that the appreciation of land prices and income from agricultural products as well as income from agricultural land are exempt from tax in the country. So if you’ve ever thought about buying or selling farmland but haven’t found the right platform, SFarms India – The first of its kind platform to buy or sell farmland on a peer to peer basis can solve all your worries!

In an exclusive interview with Krishi Jagran, Kamesh Mupparaju, the founder and CEO of SFarms India, explained how this startup helps people find, buy and sell farmland without any problems.

Question: How did you come up with this unique idea to buy / sell the Agri land marketplace?

Indians struggle to buy / sell farmland. Farmers in our country often find it difficult to sell farmland due to lack of cash. Apart from this, individuals in the high income group also view investment in farmland as an alternative asset, but have difficulty finding farmland. The middle income group also intends to buy but is unable to do so due to lack of financing facilities. Most real estate websites in India do not focus on farmland. This is where the idea came from, that there has to be a platform for these forms of land as well.

It was found that in Telangana State alone, the registration value of the market size of agricultural land was Rs. 15,000 Cr and the market value was 50,000 crore in the year 2018 -19. The treated area was 3.2 Lakh acres, and this is where it became clear that agro-real estate is an aspect that remains unexplored throughout India. After all the research I found out that the farmland market is much bigger in terms of valuation and this gave me the idea to create an online marketplace for farmland.

Question: What makes SFarmsIndia different from other property buying / selling platforms?

SFarmsIndia is a marketplace exclusively for buying and selling agricultural land in India. It was created for the sole purpose of enabling farmers and non-farmers to discover, buy and sell agricultural land, small farms and state lands. Customer satisfaction and earning their trust is our primary motivation. At SFarmsIndia, we support the transformation of a vacant lot into rich and valuable land that farmers can sell as small farms. Therefore, the farmers get a better price compared to selling the barren land.

Agricultural land.

Question: What are the particularities of SFarms India?

Our platform connects buyer and sellers directly with no middleman involved. So the margins can be canceled out and it helps us to maintain profitabilitygri earth purchases.

We also have comprehensive agro-terrestrial services for registering agricultural land before and after farming. These services are aimed at both buyers and farmers, such as surveying, verification of RSR / income documents, legal verification, drafting of documents and advice on registration, subdivision and marking of land. , transfer advice, Pattadar advice / title booklet and farmer certificate advice, etc. SFarmsIndia has partnered with licensed land surveyors, document writers, legal experts and international farm management solutions companies to ensure a quality user experience.

Question: Could you please share how SFarmsIndia connects farmers and Agri real estate developers?

Using the list feature, buyers can find farmland and sellers can list farmland for sale or rent. It creates cash flow for buying and selling farmland. Depending on the type of terrain and nature, SFarms India deals in lands of three types as follows:

Farming lands– Agricultural land, uncultivated land and fruit land

Domain lands– Coffee, tea and rubber plantation land

Small farms– The smallest fraction of the land

With the liquidity function, farmland is divided into smaller, divisible fractions called small farms. The developers of agricultural reality can liquidate their large plots of land by means of these small farms. Each farmland is assigned with a seller’s contract and divided into 5 to 8 fractions per acre. Buyers are flexible in purchasing these fractions. This makes it easy for middle and small income groups to acquire land.

The SFarmsIndia web portal

Question: Can you please elaborate on the whole process that is involved, from listing a particular lot to selling it?

First of all, the seller must register with us by creating his profile and enrolling his land on the platform. He can choose the category under which the land should be classified. Once listed, the buyer can search the farmland based on the category chosen and contact the seller directly.

The company establishes an agreement with the agricultural developers to offer the small farms for sale. Buyers will have the option of purchasing the small farms. The farm booking platform uses an automated proprietary booking system to book or reserve a particular small farm. The process is also neglected manually.

Question: What does SFarmsIndia aspire to in the future?

We are a start-up startup and there is a long way to go. We aspire to do SFarms India One stop shop for anyone interested in agricultural real estate. We will continue to improve every aspect and will not stop until our customers are adequately served.