September 19, 2023

India News | JK’s agricultural business grew 3.9% last year: LG

Srinagar, Jul 19 (PTI) Jammu and Kashmir’s agricultural sector recorded growth of almost 4% last year, while the food processing industry grew by more than 11%, said Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday.

Sinha added that agriculture and related sectors in Jammu and Kashmir have been performing well below potential in recent years but the administration has taken several measures to boost growth.

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“Last year, the growth of agriculture was recorded at 3.9% and that of food processing at 11.18%,” Sinha said during a farewell session of a convention multi-stakeholder on holistic development of agriculture and related sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sinha said the agricultural and related sectors in Jammu and Kashmir have been performing far below their potential in recent years.

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“The J&K administration has taken several steps to reverse the downward trend by bridging credit gaps, diversification, high-density planting, building storage capacity, market linkages, and extension services” , he added.

Appreciating the organizers of the convention, Sinha said such efforts will deepen understanding of critical gaps and steps needed to transform and rejuvenate the main pillar of our economy.

Deliberations among leading agricultural scientists, policymakers, academics and farmers will lead to the formulation of a futuristic roadmap for rapid growth in agriculture and related sectors, he noted.

Sinha further said that there are a large number of small and marginal farmers who need financial support and benefits from the central and UT schemes.

Noting that related activities contribute more than 15% to total farm income, the Lieutenant Governor said dairy, livestock, poultry and fishing can become engines of strong growth.

He also underscored the need for massive efforts to sensitize farmers to harness the tremendous potential of allied sectors and benefit from several Center and Union Territory programs.

“Over the past two years, we have developed a viable strategy to accomplish the historic task of securing higher incomes for our farmers. We have overcome several obstacles to maintain a higher growth rate of agriculture and agricultural sectors. related and made it more equitable and inclusive,” Sinha said.

He also urged the high-level committee of agricultural scientists being set up under the chairmanship of renowned scientist Mangala Rai, to prepare a futuristic plan that can be implemented within the next three years.

Sinha highlighted steps taken to harness the untapped opportunities offered by horticulture and ensure an end-to-end approach from planting through post-harvest management and processing to marketing to increase production and exports. quality.

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