September 19, 2023

India will soon become number one in the global agricultural sector Tomar

The Union government is working on a digital agriculture mission so that farmers can reach the hub, Union Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said during the AgriTech Summit.

Tomar said that many important programs are being implemented in this direction so that the challenges of agriculture can be reduced and farmers’ incomes can be increased.

Simultaneously, India is becoming the world leader in agriculture, he said.

Tomar said: “Agriculture is a very important sector for our country. We have accepted the primacy of agriculture, in this regard, work is underway in the direction of its progress, changes, inclusion of policies, cooperation, etc.

There are 86% of small farmers in the country, who have small areas and cannot invest much, Tomar said.

The government is working to advance these farmers because if the balance of these 86% of farmers remains low, then neither agriculture nor the country will progress, the minister said.

With this in mind, the government has begun work to create 10,000 new OPFs. Rs 6865 crore is spent on it. Among them, 3,000 became FPOs, he added.

“If small farmers join these OPAs, then the cultivated area increases and the collective power of the farmers increases. If there is only one type of agriculture, then the production will increase and the farmers will be able to obtain good prices “, said Tomar.

The Union Minister said that the challenges of the agricultural sector today must be addressed, how to introduce technology into it, how to increase the availability of private investment and how to create employment opportunities.