September 19, 2023

Integrated project to stimulate the agricultural sector in S Batinah

Muscat – To achieve food self-sufficiency and attract foreign investment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (WAFWR) plans to implement an integrated project for the production and marketing of vegetables and fruits in the south of the Batinah.

Amer al Shibli, director general of the South Batinah Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries and Water Resources, said the directorate is currently seeking to find local investors to work on new governorate development projects.

The Ministry seeks to establish an integrated system for the production and marketing of vegetables and fruits, except dates, by establishing four collection centers, three collection and packaging centers, a model central administration building and establishing 80 retail stores selling Omani vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

The management is also looking to establish a business for the production of poultry, livestock and goat milk, as well as to find investments in the field of fish farming in partnership with the private sector.

According to Shibli, “the management encourages farmers, herders and fishermen to expand their projects, and to partner with the private sector to find new projects to supply the local market with various products, and find outlets in the governorate” .

“The governorate has ten dams. We call on all segments of society to preserve natural sources of water and follow regulations to preserve water supply,” Shibli said.