May 4, 2022

Kashmir Director of Agriculture visits Allowpora Agricultural Farm

SRINAGAR, MAY 04 (KNS): Kashmir Director of Agriculture, Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal today visited Allowpora Farm, Pulwama.

While interacting with the relevant officers and technical staff of the farm, the director said that the seed multiplication farms are the most important assets of the department and in order to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency in the field of production of seed and reducing dependence on seed from outside the territory of the Union and ensuring the availability of seed to the farming community in the territory of the Union for all crops grown in the region, the Department is committed to promoting these seed multiplication farms on modern scientific bases.

Iqbal said developing agricultural farms on the basis of science will not only help the department follow the proper seed multiplication procedure, but also help transfer knowledge from the land to the laboratory.

The director urged the concerned officer and farm managers to invite farmers and agro-entrepreneurs to these farms and hold demonstration sessions with them so that modern scientific technology can be transmitted to the local level in a way global.

He appreciated the staff concerned for the success of the oat harvest and the maximum germination of corn seeds. He then inspected the rose oil extraction plant and urged relevant officers to work in association with extension services to get the maximum yield.

During the visit, the director was accompanied by senior officials of the department. (KNS)