September 19, 2023

Kashmir Ministry of Agriculture Celebrates Lavender Festival

The Department of Agriculture of Kashmir celebrated the Lavender Festival today and the main event was inaugurated by the Director of Agriculture of Kashmir, Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal at Argicheck Pulwama Floriculture Farm. Speaking on the occasion, the director highlighted the economic importance of the lavender harvest.

He said there is huge potential to be seized in this sector. The department introduces new interventions to strengthen this culture, the cultivation of lavender on commercial lines and the participation of educated youth in this allied wing of agriculture could help achieve the socio-economic transformation of the agricultural community, a- he added.

Iqbal reiterated the Department’s commitment to introduce and promote lavender in new areas so that more and more people in the farming community can adopt it as part of the concept of integrated farming.

The director said that lavender is a multidimensional crop and that the agroclimatic conditions in our region are among the best in the country. Therefore, the Department is working on a long-term plan for the cultivation and marketing of this flower.

The director said that as Kashmir is one of the best tourist destinations in the country, it offers immense opportunities for the marketing of ornamental plants like lavender. Therefore, the Department strives to attract more and more farmers to the cultivation of ornamental and medicinal plants.

The Director of Agriculture was accompanied by Deputy Director of Agricultural Farms Mohammad Qasim Gani, Floriculture Development Officer Waheed ur Rehman, Floriculturist Dr Anjum Rashid, Kashmiri Seed Multiplication Officer Ghulam Mohi ud din Kumar and other officers/officials of the Department.