December 11, 2022

Ministry of Agriculture appoints deputy secretary

The latest appointments to senior executives in the public sector across the country.

Senior management service

Rosemary Deininger

Band 3

Rosemary Deininger was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment. She previously played the role. Previously, she worked in the former Human Services and Employment departments.

Band 2

Always at the Agriculture department, Nicola hinder was appointed first deputy secretary.

Timothy fitzgerald was appointed Deputy Commissioner, North and Immigration Detention at the Home Office.

Fabien Harding assumed the role of Deputy First Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Skills and Employment.

Kate chopsticks maker

Band 1

Judith Lind was hired as Executive Director of Operations at the Australian Law Enforcement Integrity Commission.

Rachel Clarke, Kate chopsticks maker, Lisa O’Donnell and David Cooke have been appointed General Counsel at Services Australia.

Courtney bryant, Anthony bennie, Alison curran, George day, and Declan O’Connor-Cox have all been appointed Deputy Secretary in the Department of Agriculture.


The Northern Territory’s first independent anti-corruption commissioner, Ken fleming, announced he would be stepping down in July, so he could return to Queensland to be with his family.

“2020 has been a difficult year for many people and has reinforced the importance of being close to family for me,” Fleming said in a statement.

Ken fleming

“It was a privilege and honor to have been the NT’s first independent anti-corruption commissioner and to have established an office dedicated to the prevention, detection and response to inappropriate behavior in the Northern Territory.”

Fleming was named the first ICAC NT in July 2018.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said that while Fleming’s decision was “disappointing”, it was understandable.

“Commissioner Fleming is experienced, intelligent and fearless – qualities that have made him the ideal person for such a stimulating role,” said Gunner.

“Commissioner Fleming’s dedicated and diligent work in establishing the office – its systems and staff – means he is well positioned for the future. Our democracy and its institutions are stronger in the service of Ken Fleming.

The recruitment process for the next commissioner will start in the coming weeks.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Pamela scott

Senior Commissioner at the Western Australia Industrial Relations Commission, Stephen kenner, will temporarily assume the duties of Chief Commissioner in light of the departure of Pamela Scott.

Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston said the state Liberal Party’s decision to reject the industrial relations amendment bill last year “forced” Scott to retire.

“I thank Pamela Scott for her exceptional work as Chief Commissioner and wish her the best in her retirement,” he said.

“I am very pleased that Senior Commissioner Kenner is assuming the duties and functions of the Acting Chief Commissioner. As a long-standing and well-respected member of the commission, he is well qualified to lead the commission in the months to come. “

Kenner has been Commissioner since 1998 and was appointed Senior Commissioner in 2018.

WA Commission for Occupational Safety and Health

Stephanie Mayman

Professor Patricia todd was appointed chairman of the WA Commission for Occupational Safety and Health, replacing Stephanie Mayman.

Todd was most recently Professor of Labor Relations and Head of the Management and Organizations Discipline Group at the University of Washington.

Johnston welcomed Todd and thanked Mayman for his contribution to the commission.

“I warmly welcome Professor Trish Todd, who has a rich and varied experience in industrial relations and workplace practices. I have no doubts that she will do well in this role, ”he said.

“The commission is a valuable part of WA’s health and safety landscape and will play a vital role in educating workplaces about the upcoming occupational health and safety regime. “

WA Graylands Hospital Task Force

Jim McGinty

Former Minister of Health and Attorney General of Washington State Jim McGinty will lead a new working group that will inform planning and investment decisions regarding the Graylands Hospital site, forensic services and the Selby Older Adult Mental Health Service.

McGinty will be joined by seven senior officials, including:

  • Michael andrews, Acting Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Evaluation, Department of the Treasury,
  • Deborah Colvin, Senior Mental Health Advocate,
  • Rachel Green, Acting Deputy Director General, Community Services, Ministry of Communities,
  • Angela Kelly, Acting Deputy Director General, Recovery Implementation and State Services, Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,
  • Jennifer mcgrath, Commissioner, Mental Health Commission,
  • Dr David Russell Weisz, Director General, Ministry of Health,
  • Dr Adam tomison, Director General, Ministry of Justice.

Health and Mental Health Minister Roger Cook said the creation of the working group was a major step towards advancing the WA 2015- 2025.

“I am confident that the skills and insights of Mr. McGinty and the well-respected members of the task force will be invaluable in guiding critical government decisions regarding future investments in mental health infrastructure and the service delivery approach. “, did he declare.

McGinty has resigned as chairman of the board of the North Metropolitan Health Service to take on that role. Former Acting Chief Medical Officer of the State Government, Professor David Forbes, has been appointed to replace McGinty.

Malcolm thatcher


As stated previously in Mandarin, Dr Malcolm Thatcher has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of the Australian Digital Health Agency.

He was most recently Professor of Digital Practice at the QUT Graduate School of Business and previously served as Director of Health Information for the Queensland Government Department of Health.