December 11, 2022

MPs applaud Museveni for transforming agriculture sector

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Lawmakers have applauded President Yoweri Museveni for emphasizing value addition to agricultural products, saying it will transform the agricultural sector.

It was during the debate on the President’s State of the Nation Address that he delivered to Parliament on Tuesday, June 07, 2022.

Namayingo District Women’s Representative, Hon. Margaret Makhoha said the Parish Development Model (PDM) is a timely intervention, but she called for an increase in the budget for irrigation.
“It’s not good for us to have drought and yet we have lakes. Like in Namayingo, we have lakes around us but we don’t see any water,” she said.

Hon. Peter Okeyoh (NRM, Bukooli Island County) advised the President to focus on fish farming, saying the sector has the potential to become one of the biggest revenue generators.
“The fishing community should be empowered and supported. The Ministry of Agriculture should provide adequate funding to boost the fisheries sector,” he said.

Hon. Jane Pacuto Avur (NRM, Pakwach District) said while adding value is a welcome intervention, care should be taken to ensure sufficient electricity supply across the country.
“Unless electricity is provided to all rural areas, it will be very difficult for our people to realize added value. West Nile is out of power and for us to be a part of it, the supply of electricity to all areas should be accelerated,” she said.

National MP for Seniors, Hon. Peggy Joy Wako said the parish development model will go a long way in improving the quality of life for older people.
“As you know, most of our older people live in rural areas. I also agree with the Leader of the Opposition’s response on protecting the elderly,” she said.

On Wednesday 03 August 2022, MP for Buyanja East County, Hon. Emely Kugonza introduced the motion, in which he acknowledged that the socio-economic transformation championed by President Yoweri Museveni has awakened Ugandans to participate meaningfully in the wealth and job creation initiative.
“More and more Ugandans understand the urgent need to integrate into the cash economy. They have made a positive transition from poor and subsistence living to modernity,” Kugonza said.

Kugonza added that the President’s emphasis on value addition as a link between agriculture and industry is a strategy to ensure that anything not consumed fresh is processed industrially so that it be retained to reach distant markets.

Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Mathias Mpuuga however said that the country faces an imminent risk to national stability caused by the massive breakdown of institutions and the proliferation of presidential directives which are illegally carried out by timid officials and officials.

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