December 11, 2022

Msrvantage is revolutionizing the agricultural sector through digitalization

Mr. Balaji Kandregula, Vice President – ​​MSRvantage

NATIONAL, AUGUST 25, 2022 (GPN): MSRvantage, a global consultant for businesses at every stage of digital adoption, helping them to accelerate organizational efficiency, now effectively contributes to the digital transformation of the agricultural sector through technologies such as track and trace, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), remote sensing, big data, blockchain and IoT. These technologies are not only transforming agricultural value chains, but also modernizing operations.

Digitization has helped to evolve various industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, crypto, automotive, etc. and given the vast contribution of agriculture to the economy, it is important that the industry undergoes the digital shift.

Where, on the one hand, technology plays a vital role in the industry by increasing food safety, on the other hand, technology like track and trace allows information to be traced all along the supply chain. food supply. Traceability, which is used to simplify the creation and deployment of innovations for smart farming and index-based agricultural insurance, is created by blockchain’s ability to store and manage data. It represents a significant advance for modern agriculture.

The primary goals of these technologies are food security and sustainability and the ability to track a variety of plant information, including seed quality, crop development, and even the path a plant takes after leaving. on the farm, this helps to increase supply chain transparency and eliminate concerns. associated with illegal and unethical operations. They can also make it easier to track contamination or other issues.

Mr. Balaji Kandregula, Vice President, MSRvantage

Mr. Balaji Kandregula, Vice President – ​​MSRvantage, said: “Agriculture has been a major contributing force in the economy of any country and it is now imperative that technology not only helps the industry to thrive, but also ensures that food products are safe. for the consumer. At MSRvantage, we strive to make the agricultural supply chain process transparent and efficient.

Although there are some challenges in the implementation, the initiative has been welcomed with open arms due to its potential which could help the industry to move forward and many leading players are adapting to this digital revolution. .End