September 19, 2023

Nagaland: Department of Agriculture launches agricultural machinery distribution

C Peter Yanthan inaugurating the farm machinery distribution scheme in Dimapur on Friday.

Dimapur, June 24 (EMN): The Department of Agriculture launched the distribution of agricultural agricultural machinery under the “Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM)” for Kharif 2022 at the Deputy Director’s office in Dimapur on June 24.

Additional Director of Agriculture, C Peter Yanthan, who initiated the distribution of farm machinery, called on all beneficiaries to make best use of the facilities not only for themselves but also to share the benefits with others. other neighboring farmers and the community by giving leases to needy farmers.

Delivering the keynote address, Co-Director of Agriculture (SMAM), Medovilie Ladu, stressed the importance of increasing agricultural production using advanced technologies, an update from the department said. He said that the Government of India has been undertaking activities through center sponsored programs like SMAM as agricultural mechanization plays a vital role in optimizing land, water resources, labor and other inputs like seeds, fertilizers, etc. cultivable and make farming a more profitable and attractive profession.

“In Nagaland, mechanization of sustainable agriculture can be achieved in areas where mechanization is appropriate. It will also require proper and precision agricultural machinery supported by the latest technology, which the Ministry of Agriculture is currently striving for,” Ladu said. He also pointed out that the department is focusing on agricultural mechanization by providing farmers with machinery/equipment suitable for users and terrain to increase their income.

He further highlighted some measures that the department has taken in the past few years for the growth of the agricultural sector and to increase farmers’ incomes.

The program ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Hoshito Chophi, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Central Store, followed by technical demonstrations for efficient operation and safe handling of agricultural machinery by technicians from the Central Store Office, Dimapur . He mentioned that the Ministry of Agriculture will provide agricultural machinery to the genuine beneficiary farmers through its district and sub-divisional offices under the department during the ongoing monsoon season.