September 19, 2023

National Agriculture Portal launched by Nagaland Department of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture – Nagaland

Nagaland’s Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday launched the National Agriculture Portal (SAP) – ‘’ to the management of the agricultural conference hall.

With the launch of SAP, the department is committed to providing a responsive and efficient administration and user-friendly platform for the well-being of farmers and the farming community.” – noted Mr. Ben Yanthan (Ministry press release informed).

SAP would play a critical role in providing a single point of access to government information and services related to the agricultural sector, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites and applications.” – he said.

He also added – “SAP would present information and services in a single consolidation browser view and would also provide a secure and one-to-one view of multiple online resources and interactive services. Through the use of information technology (IT) and through the portal, farmers, businessmen and citizens all over the world could access the benefits of IT with a single click.

He added that – “SAP would be an effective interactive platform for government to farmers, farmers to businesses and also government to any citizen user so that the exchange of information and access to agricultural services can be easy and fast.. With the launch of SAP, the Agriculture Department would move forward and expand into all areas to boost agricultural activities by providing a platform to advertise local indigenous agricultural products, farmers’ markets, and provide information on local agricultural products. various activities of the Department of Agriculture and other units such as IETC. , SARS, KVK, Agri Expo, ATMA, Farmer Corner, etc.

The program was chaired by the Deputy Director of Agriculture, S. Kivikhu Achumi, and delivered the vote of thanks, which is IT Nodal, SMS. The “Newsletter 2020-21” was also published by the director during the launch program, and the technical report from SAP was also highlighted by Ramietech Solutions, Kohima.