December 11, 2022

RTL Today – Agriculture: Farm in town event returns after pandemic-related hiatus

The initiative was started by young farmers in the country, who want to show people what daily life and work on a farm looks like.

After a pandemic-related break, the “Ferme en ville” event returned to Place de la Constitution this weekend.

Christian Hahn gave an overview of the nature of the project: “We want to show how production works, but also how the products move from farm to table. All the foods that are offered here, such as soup, barbecue or the Gromperekichelcher (Luxembourgish potato pancakes), comes from the region.”

Farmer representative Tom Leonardy spoke of the struggles the agricultural sector has endured since the start of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine: “With Covid, we basically had to rethink our whole distribution process because the sector local catering almost collapsed. We were convinced that the situation was finally about to change, and now we have a catastrophic war in Ukraine.”

Francis Meyers expects impacts on food prices in the fall: “The fodder has become extremely expensive, but that is not the only problem. The fertilizer we use is mainly Russian raw materials, including gas, which means that are three to four times higher than before.”

Video report in Luxembourgish