September 19, 2023

Saskatchewan. the agricultural sector is having difficulty filling available positions

Farmer Don Blocka said farm newsNOW there are jobs available, there are only a limited number of qualified people to fill them.

“A lot of times you end up relying on former farmers, retired farmers who have some experience.”

He thinks it’s possible that today’s younger generations simply don’t see farming as a career they want to have. Even those who want to join the industry can also question themselves.

“Because of the prices of land, equipment, inputs, just overall farming issues, they kind of sit around and think I want to step into this,” Blocka added. .

Farmer Bob Reid also struggled to fill positions.

He said one of the biggest problems is finding qualified young people who really want to work in the industry.

“I had a guy from Moose Jaw, he lasted a day…one day we paid him to leave.”

To compensate for this, he began to look outside the province and even the country to fill positions.

Since November 2021, he has a South African man working on his farm.

“We sponsored the whole family, and he now works for us five days a week,” Reid said.

He added that he knows other farmers in the province who have had to do the same thing.

Although Blocka hasn’t had to, saying he’s been lucky to recruit over the past two years, he’s not surprised other players in the industry have started doing so. . However, he entertained the idea.

“We were lucky to find some local people, but it’s getting really skimpy.”

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