January 14, 2022

Sindh government cedes buildings and farmland to Umerkot sub-campus of SAU

HYDERABAD – The government of Sindh handed over various buildings, faculties and agricultural land to the authorities of the Agricultural University of Sindh for the expansion of its sub-campus in Umerkot. A memorandum was signed in this regard in a brief ceremony, in order to establish more teaching departments in the Sindh Agricultural University sub-campus in Umerkot and to provide an academic environment for the students of Thar and from its neighboring regions. The government of Sindh has turned over more than 53 acres of land with buildings and infrastructure to the University’s sub-campus administration for further expansion of the Umerkot sub-campus. The provincial government, through the Department of Education, transferred the newly constructed and well-equipped administrative blocks, faculty buildings, auditoriums and other infrastructure to the university management; In this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Dr Jan Mohammad Marri, Director of the Sub-Campus, Sindh Agricultural University in Umerkot and Bilawal Ahmed Kumbhar, District Education Officer.

Addressing a brief ceremony, Campus Director Dr Jan Muhammad Marri said on the direction of Vice Chancellor Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri the SAU is committed to providing modern teaching and research facilities to students from Thar and neighboring regions. We are further developing the campus infrastructure and the Sindh government is cooperating fully, he added.

He said new curriculum was being introduced in the sub-campus for students and more dynamic and modern facilities would be provided in labs, research areas and classrooms.

He added that the sub-campus would also include BSIT Information Technology courses and a Diploma in Animal Husbandry Assistant, Food Security and Nutrition and Forestry and Range Management, this will help solve various problems faced by pastoralists in Thar, while young people in these areas will be able to help local farmers through courses related to agriculture, information technology, animal husbandry and

deal with various diseases.

Prof. Dr Zia ul Hassan Shah, Prof. Dr Bachal Bhutto, Dr Mukhtiar Memon, teachers from the sub-campus, heads of educational and administrative departments were also present.