September 19, 2023

Telangana government to conduct digital survey of agricultural land: KCR

Hyderabad: The Telangana government decided to conduct a digital survey of agricultural land across the state.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao first said that a pilot project would be carried out from June 11. He asked Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to select 27 villages across the state. He said that three villages should be in the assembly constituency of Gajwel. The remainder of the 24 villages should come from 24 other districts.

“We launched the Dharani portal only to protect the land rights of the poor. With the aim of making Telangana a land conflict-free state, the government is conducting the digital survey of agricultural land. The objective of the government is to fix the coordinates, and thus ensuring total security and protection to the pattadars on a permanent basis ”, he declared.

The CM asked the agencies to conduct the digital survey effectively. He advised them not to consider this mission only from a commercial point of view, but to consider it as a social service rendered to the farmers.

The CM said the pilot should be carried out in villages where there are no land conflicts. “Later, it should be extended to villages where there is government and forest land. In other words, the survey should be carried out in a mixed group of villages where there are no disputes,” said he declared.

KCR said appropriate guidelines should be prepared for the digital survey. “We have excelled in all areas. We provide water by building irrigation projects. Telangana has reached a position where it produces more paddy than the Punjab. Against this backdrop, land prices are also skyrocketing. The government has taken steps to protect people’s land, ”the CM said.

KCR urged investigative agencies to use advanced technology so that there is no room for any litigation. He said the government would not hesitate to take action in the event of laxity.

He wanted them to conduct the investigation using the traditional “tippan” method. He also suggested that the Gram Sabha be organized to raise awareness among the population. Collectors, MPs and MPs, and other representatives of the public would cooperate with the investigation. He reiterated that full responsibility for the investigation rests with the agencies.

KCR said that in countries where land disputes are settled, their GDP has increased by 3-4%. “Even if we make a small mistake, the next generation will have to pay the price. The Telangana government has embarked on surveying taking into account the experiences of past rulers and ensuring that people are not forced to pay for rulers’ mistakes. The state’s agricultural sector has been stabilized with programs like Rythu Bandhu to help farmers and provide them with water for irrigation, ”he said.