December 11, 2022


By The Citizen Reporter

Big initiatives are being undertaken by government and private sector players aimed at boosting Tanzania’s fortunes in agriculture as projections continue to point to growth in the sector.

Recently, Mwananchi Communications Limited partnered with the government through the Ministry of Agriculture to launch Farm Clinic, a project that aims to provide practical solutions to the multiple challenges faced by farmers, but also seeks to put highlight the great opportunities within the agricultural ecosystem.

Undertaken in partnership with the telecommunications company Vodacom Tanzania, Farm Clinic is an example of the possibilities that can be realized if only private sector players focused on their area of ​​expertise decide to embark on similar initiatives that will make a difference in the world. agriculture provide farmers with monetary and technical support.

As economic development progresses, agriculture’s share of GDP and total employment in Tanzania continues to rise, with more and more farmers moving from informal practices to more modern and rewarding methods. This means that Tanzania has a chance to truly become Africa’s breadbasket amid growing concerns of a continental food crisis.

As President Samia Suluhu Hassan aptly explained at the recent East African Community (EAC) Heads of State Summit in Arusha, Tanzania is strategically positioned not only to feed itself, but also for the rest of the region. She highlighted the need to improve irrigation practices, access to affordable fertilizers, but also farmers’ access to finance.

What the president’s remarks mean is that the government is fully aware of the potential of agriculture to drive economic growth, but also to improve the livelihoods of farmers across the country.


As the world grapples with global challenges that are purely man-made, such as climate change and conflicts in different parts of the world that have disrupted the food supply chain, Africa and especially Tanzania must come to the fore and take matters into their own hands. own hands by investing more to become self-sufficient in a number of areas, including food.

With vast arable land that can be put to good use, it is evident that through partnerships between government and national/international financial institutions, many doors can be opened that will allow farmers to access resources and important tools that will truly transform agriculture. sector.

With food crops now outperforming cash crops in terms of export value, it is clear that the profit space of agriculture is widening. This will require deliberate efforts and full commitment from government and agricultural sector players to harness the full potential of what the industry has to offer.

Planning and foresight

It takes planning and forethought, and as the theme for this year’s Farmers’ Day, popularly known as Nanenane Day, states: Ajenda 10/30 – farming is a business, that means more business-oriented strategies need to be put in place in order to get the most out of this sector. Having good agricultural planning means that the government will be able to allocate sufficient funds to the sector in each budget.