September 19, 2023

The Department of Agriculture has issued an advisory to prevent panic mite attacks in paddy crops

Bilaspur. The outbreak of panicle mite in the paddy field is reported from nearby Janjgir-Champa district. The outbreak of this insect has not yet been reported in Bilaspur district. The Deputy Director of Agriculture called on farmers to continue to observe the outbreak of pests and diseases when visiting their fields and in the event of an insect outbreak, to contact the rural agricultural extension officer and the block office in their region and to take technical advice. Take preventive measures.

The assistant director of agriculture has declared that the panicle mite is a deadly pest. The panicle mite punctures the paddy grains at the gabhot (bunting stage) and sucks the juice. Due to the invasion of fungi at the puncture site, the earrings become discolored, due to which the milk does not fill and the process of rice formation is not completed. Some of the symptoms of panicle mite infestation are brown discoloration of leaf sheaths, small brown spots on the leaves, irregular grain shape in case of panicle mite infestation.

Panicle mite infestation can be prevented by proper management, such as application of fertilizers (especially nitrogen fertilizers), removal of crop residues in the soil after harvest, adoption of crop rotation, especially in legumes and oilseeds, in controlling mites. is effective. Effectively monitor the field, in particular by opening the leaf sheaths.

Along with this, a chemical control such as Diphenthuran 50%, WP. of 120 grams per acre and Propiconazole 25%, EC. 200 ml Spray at the rate of per acre or Spiromensifin 240 EC. 200ml Or Profenophas 50 EC We advise farmers to spray the crop at 400ml per acre.

Posted by: Yogeshwar Sharma