December 11, 2022

The Hungarian agricultural sector needs strength and unity rather than division

This year will test the strength and perseverance of Hungarian farmers like never before, but unity is needed in Hungarian agriculture. Farmers are in a difficult situation, but we must forge hope from this difficulty and create strength and unity instead of division, said Agriculture Minister István Nagy at the 31st Agricultural Expo in Debrecen .

This summer, a severe drought has hit all of Europe, and Hungary is no exception. Farmers in most parts of the country, especially in the Great Plain, are facing severe losses, with reports of damage in this region already amounting to HUF 400 billion.

Reflecting on the situation, Agriculture Minister István Nagy said that the exceptional weather conditions call for extraordinary measures and that the smallest farmers are not forgotten. The minister also said that

it was an important task to restore the esteem of the farming community in Hungarian society.

The Minister announced the reopening of a call for tenders allowing small farmers to receive a lump sum of 15,000 euros over five years to support and develop their activities. An important aspect is that no personal financial contribution is required for the application.

István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture

In relation to the lack of rainfall and drought, the minister also drew attention to the measures taken so far by the emergency operational task force against drought. He explained that a moratorium on loan repayments would be granted until the end of 2023 for agricultural businesses in need. In addition, for agricultural drought insurance, the government will speed up and ease the process of insurance compensation.

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An additional HUF 1.4 billion to support rising energy costs for public irrigation works used for irrigation will also help to mitigate drought damage.

István Nagy also pointed out that

some of our agricultural land use habits need to be changed to help farmers conserve water.

We also need to rethink which drought-resistant crops can be grown in these weather conditions, and farmers can rely on the national genetic stock in this situation, he added.

Featured photo: Pixabay, MTI/Krizsán Csaba