December 11, 2022

The IFA calls for a 2023 budget to help the agricultural sector

IFA President Tim Cullinan said next month’s budget will provide an opportunity to introduce concrete measures to support Irish agriculture.

r Cullinan said action beyond diverted CAP funding is needed to build on-farm sustainability. The association’s full submission is available on

“Budget 2023 gives this government the opportunity to demonstrate how truly committed it is to supporting the agricultural sector and how truly it understands the on-farm challenges stemming from rising input prices,” said Mr. Cullinan.

Farm Business Association President Rose Mary McDonagh said that in addition to accelerated write-offs and VAT exemptions for emissions-efficient investments, the IFA is calling for a new “solar system on the roof” (RTSS) and a new “anaerobic digestion support”. Scheme’ (ADSS) funded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Communications.

“This needs to be separate from TAMS, to support increased investment in on-farm renewable energy sources,” she said. “No specific allocation for solar panels or anaerobic digestion exists under the recently announced €8 billion national home energy upgrade programme.”

The IFA also called on the government to maintain existing agri-fiscal measures to support sustainable growth; transfer of assets from agricultural activity; and balanced rural development for the next three years.

The submission also identifies the need for any temporary flexible arrangements and maximum co-financing allowed under the EU Crisis Contingency Reserve; the common agricultural policy; and allocations from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve to be used to tackle the current agricultural input crisis.