September 19, 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture distributes corn shellers to the Sarpanches

Doda Ministry of Agriculture today distributed maize shellers among the sarpanches of Ghat, Udhyanpur, Khaleni and Marmat blocks for community use here in a ceremony held at the agricultural complex. District Development Council Chairman Dhanantar Singh Kotwal was the guest of honour, while DDC Gundana Councilor Asim Hashmi; DDC Member Advisor Marmat, Mushtaq Ahmed and BDC Chairman Khalleni Munish Kumar were the guests of honour.

Speaking on the occasion, the President thanked the central and UT governments for initiating different programs for the benefit of farmers. He particularly mentioned the role of Prime Minister Kisan in improving the status of the farming community. He advised farmers to make the most of the various programs launched by the government for their benefit.

He also appreciated the Department’s role in implementing CSS and other programs. SDC Gundana, Asim Hashmi advised participants to make the most of government programs as it is the only sector that can guarantee prosperity. DDC, Marmat Mushtaq Ahmed and BDC Chairman, Khaleni, Munish Kumar also spoke on the occasion and appreciated the work of the Department.

They suggested various measures for the improvement of departmental work. Among others, ASCO Doda Alyas Akhter and Deputy Agriculture Officer Pranoo were also present on the occasion.