September 19, 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture offers a panel to improve market access for producers

The Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment is looking for a range of experts who can help improve market access for Australian producers.

The experts would form the scientific and technical market access group proposed by the ministry, according to a inquiry published this week.

DAWE Deputy Secretary Andrew Tongue said the department is looking for people with experience in technical market access, phytosanitary and sanitary issues, national and international biosafety issues, operational assessments and cooperation projects. and capacity building to join the group.

“We are looking for people with scientific and technical expertise in market access to strengthen the department’s ability to accelerate negotiations of technical agreements with trading partners,” he said.

“By reaching out to the best and the brightest, we can accelerate the ministry’s market access priorities. This will reduce the time needed to negotiate new and improved market access for Australian producers. “

The ministry’s plan to accelerate the negotiation of technical agreements by strengthening scientific and technical capacity is a key element of the government strategy Agribusiness Expansion Initiative, noted the language.

“By improving market access for producers, we can better support exports, strengthening the capacity of the agricultural sector to become a $ 100 billion industry by 2030,” he said.

Bidders have until September 7 to apply.

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