September 19, 2023

“The only state of Telangana providing free electricity to the agricultural sector”

Hyderabad: Only in Telangana are electricity tariffs for the domestic category much lower than in other states such as Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab.

Telangana is the only state that provides free, high-quality electricity around the clock to the agricultural sector. Even Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP-led Uttar Pradesh did not grant free power to the agricultural sector, officials said to Finance Minister T Harish Rao and the Minister of Finance. Energy G Jagadish Reddy.

Despite paying the fees, the Gujarat government was only providing electricity for nine hours to the agricultural sector, they said at a meeting to review the energy department’s activities for the third day in a row. .

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The ministers discussed the priority given to the social protection sector by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and discos providing quality electricity at low cost with senior officials.

Officials explained to ministers that for less than 50 units in the domestic consumer category for middle and lower class consumers, only 1.45 rupees per unit was collected in Telangana compared to 3.30 rupees per unit collected in Gujarat. and 3 rupees. in Uttar Pradesh.

West Bengal charged 4.02 paisa rupees per unit up to 50 units of electricity in the household category, while the Congress-run Punjab charged 3.49 paisa rupees per unit up to 50 units. The bill for a consumer who used 100 units is Rs.239 in Telangana versus Rs.861 and Rs.473 in Congress-ruled Rajasthan and Punjab, and Rs.702, Rs.601 and Rs .457 to the BJP- reigned respectively over Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. This would be Rs.759 in West Bengal and Rs.677 in Maharashtra.

Telangana nightclubs spend 7.24 paisa rupees per unit, but only collect 1.45 paisa rupees up to 50 units, 2.60 paisa rupees up to 100 units and 4.30 paisa rupees up to 200 units from consumers of the domestic category. However, the gap in electricity supply expenditure was taken care of by the state government.

As for the agricultural sector, the Telangana government provides free electricity 24 hours a day. But the Gujarat state government collects Rs 667 each month from a farmer’s electric motor connection for provide electricity for nine hours, while Rs 2,408 and Rs 4,558 from each farmer in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal respectively for nine hours of power. .

The government of Rajasthan, which provides electricity for only seven hours, collects 1,800 rupees from each farmer. However, the Kerala government, which boasts of providing 24/7 electricity, collects 2,952 rupees for each connection to provide electricity for just nine hours.

Stating that the discoms were taking losses, officials told ministers that the state government pays Rs 10,000 crore annually to provide electricity to the agricultural sector, apart from other subsidies. It also provides a subsidy of Rs.1253 crore for the power supply of 200 units of domestic consumers per year.

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