September 19, 2023

Tribute to the agricultural sector and farewell to virtual events

At an appreciation night, the Swift Current District Chamber of Commerce hosted its first in-person farmer appreciation event in two years to honor local farmers and farm workers.

In communities like Swift Current across Saskatchewan, it’s the rural roots that help elevate every branch of the community they support.

That’s why the Chamber of Commerce honored those who help feed and support Southwest Saskatchewan with a Farmer Appreciation Night, at the Living Skies Casino Event Center. The purpose of this celebration is to recognize not only farmers, but all workers involved in the agricultural sector.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Karla Wiens was both present and responsible for helping organize the dual event which took place on Friday and Saturday evening.

“Our local chamber recognizes and values ​​that the entire agricultural industry in and around our region is the fabric of our community,” Wiens said.

Farmers have long been essential to life here in the southwest and indeed to all of Saskatchewan. Most families can always tell you where the family farm used to be, if it is no longer owned by the family. It gives people here a unique insight into the value of these people to our lives.

That this event went so far to honor the agricultural sector and its workers speaks to the high regard they still enjoy today.

“It was a fantastic event,” confirmed Wiens. “It was a wonderful evening.”

Each evening, 160 people sat to listen to key guests and speakers. Influential local Saskatchewan names like John Gormley, radio personality and former MP. Jeremy and Kyla Patzer were both present, with Jeremy being the current MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands. Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit was also able to attend the event which honored him and those he represents.

“Well, in spite of John Gormley,” Wiens recounted. “His message focused on raising awareness for the agricultural industry as a whole, but also on Saskatchewan’s role as a key player in the global agricultural industry and that the agricultural community truly feeds the world. “

This will be the event that will lay the groundwork for other events hosted not only by the Chamber of Commerce in the future, but also by other organizations around Swift Current who will have paid attention to how it went .

We can expect to see even more of these in-person gatherings again now that mask mandates have been lifted, along with social distancing. A welcome return to the social etiquette of the pre-covid era.

“It was so heartwarming to see so many people happy to hang out and connect with their friends, colleagues and neighbors,” Wiens explained. “Some they haven’t seen in a very long time, so the opportunity to hang out and socialize and have an evening on the town for fun was really welcomed by all involved.”