September 19, 2023

Valley Awards Recognize King City High School Agriculture Department and FFA – The King City Rustler

KING CITY — The King City High School Agriculture Department and the FFA received the 2022 Education Award last Saturday at the 16th annual Valley of the World Awards, presented by the National Steinbeck Center.

The school is home to a state-ranked agriculture program, which offers 16 different courses taught by five teachers—Chelsey Cervantes, Blaise Chaney, Lauren Peterson, Patrick Smith, and Jessica Souza—in one of the newest cutting-edge agricultural technologies. facilities.

King City FFA is currently ranked third in California, according to statewide results released last weekend.

The October 1 ceremony was held at the Braga Family Farm in Soledad, with a Salinas City BBQ dinner accompanied by a selection of Monterey County wines, followed by the awards ceremony.

Other 2022 winners were the Braga family, who received the Hall of Fame award; and Norm Groot, executive director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau, who received the Ag Leader award.

“All of the recipients carry a desire to leave our Salinas Valley and the world a better place and have shown it through their actions,” said Monterey County Supervisor Chris Lopez, who was in attendance. “Their leadership deserves to be recognized and considered as a model. Congratulations to all the winners.”

King City High School Agriculture Department teachers receive the 2022 Education Award on October 1 at the 16th Annual Valley of the World Awards. (Courtesy of King City FFA)