September 19, 2023

An agent from the Ministry of Agriculture offers a book on endangered native flowers

Explaining the origin and characteristics of about 60 varieties of native flowering plants, a deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a research work titled Kalamozhiyunna Naatupookkal (Native Flowers at Risk).

The book written by Lekha Kakkanattu and published by the National Institute of Languages ​​also includes a number of poems and stories to describe each flower and create a melding effect on the reader.

“It’s basically an introduction to our native flowering plants that are on the verge of extinction. I’ve categorized them into six groups for better understanding and reading,” says the award-winning Koduvally writer. for her creative contributions to the agricultural sector.She believes that each native flower is unique for various reasons and should be well explained with related stories for future generations.

Beyond a causal narrative, the writer says his work explains in detail the historical, cultural, religious and medicinal values ​​and significance of each flower. References to music and literature were also mentioned in the book to maintain the “melting effect” throughout the reading, she added.

The book was published by lyricist Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri at his home in Thiruvannur last week by handing over the first copy to environmental activist T. Shobheendran. Poet PK Gopi and composer Kaithapram Deepankuran were among others present at the event, held near a native flower garden.