September 19, 2023

Farm managers detained after a rope trap on a fence killed a leopard

Photo: IENS

Then I: Two managers of a farm near Bodi Forest Reserve in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district have been arrested by the Forest Department after a rope trap set on the farm fence killed a leopard. The adult male leopard was reportedly killed near the farm, co-owned by MP Theni O Ravindranath, on Saturday.

The arrested men were identified as Thangavel (42 years old) and Rajavel (28 years old).

A leopard got stuck on the farm fence last Tuesday, The New Indian Express (TNIE) said in a report. By the time forestry officers arrived on the scene, the beast managed to break free and disappeared into the wild. The assistant forest curator was attacked by the animal before it fled, according to the report. However, another leopard got trapped on the fence the same day and it was not as lucky as the previous one that managed to escape.

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“The autopsy was performed on the carcass, and the animal is believed to have died in a rope trap set on the fence. This could not have been set on the fence without Thangavel’s knowledge and Rajavel,” quoted sources told the newspaper.

According to the report, the forest department had previously arrested a man in the area for building goat shelters near the forest in violation of standards. Sensing the presence of prey, the leopards began visiting the area regularly and two goats were killed by them before the department took action against the owner, according to the report.

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