September 19, 2023

Florida Department of Agriculture Announces Citrus Research Ordinance Referendum Results

This week the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) announced that Florida Citrus Growers had reauthorized the Florida Citrus Research Order in a mandatory referendum held by the department.

The results of the returned ballots yielded 76% “yes” votes representing 69% of total acres.

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation serves as an official advisory board for the Research College and was established to conduct disease and production research to ensure the survival and competitiveness of Florida citrus growers.

A marketing ordinance establishes, by vote of producers, a self-imposed levy or levy to be used for various industry activities, including advertising and promoting their agricultural products; expanding markets and distribution channels; research improved cultivation techniques; regulating the quality and grades of their products; regulate business practices; and solve other critical problems and needs in the industry.

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