September 19, 2023

Letter: Perez understands agriculture and land use | Opinion

Donald Williams

Cities are where many of us live in Upvalley.

But the neighborhood of our 3rd supervisor is not urban; it is mostly rural. This is the quintessence of Napa County – the agricultural landscape that sustains our county and nourishes our aesthetic.

No one can talk about this landscape like someone who knows it intimately – not just as a resident like many of us, but as a practitioner of that essential 3rd District business, agriculture.

But Cio Perez, a farmer, knows this, literally inside and out. No government connection; no educational pedigree; even the endorsement of a politician like mine here cannot substitute for the experience of a successful farming life in the very district he will represent.

Without even needing to raise a lot of money, Cio offers us a different perspective than other candidates. And he has the courage to not only promise a conversation about our county, but to vote to protect its semi-rural quality and maintain its essential agriculture, which he knows better than anyone else.

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Our department is semi-rural: land use is crucial. This understanding preserves us. The Council needs it.