September 19, 2023

Sikkim Agriculture Department opens agricultural school, discusses technical use of agricultural tools

Image Credit: IPR

On Wednesday August 25, District Collector, East, Ragul K, who is also the Chairman of Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), East, inaugurated an agricultural school on integrated organic farming system.

Held in Tshalamthang, Beyong Phegyong, GPU, the program was organized by the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), East, Agriculture Department, Government of Sikkim.

It is relevant to mention here that the agricultural school was open at the farm of local resident Ruphan Lepcha, also serving as a teacher.

Farm School is a frontline demonstration of integrated agriculture, which aims to educate twenty-four farmers on technical knowledge.

It includes the process from sowing to harvest using an innovative method for one year.

The program will also include educating local farmers on issues such as the use of farm tool technology, crop rotation, disease control and pest control in an organic manner.

The district collector further expressed his gratitude to the officials concerned for the establishment of the agricultural school and called it an important step towards self-sufficiency.

He said that with the establishment of the agricultural school in rural areas, it would be convenient for the farmers to acquire knowledge directly about agriculture.

As a result, it will help them improve agricultural production, thereby helping the state to achieve self-sufficiency in the agricultural sector.

In addition, he urged local farmers to take advantage of various programs provided by the state government.

Additional Director, Department of Agriculture, Smt. Bina Rai spoke about various projects of the state agriculture ministry and asked the farmers to use them properly.

Co-Director, Department of Agriculture, Smt. Rachna Gurung gave a brief background on the functions of ATMA, which is an autonomous body under the Department of Agriculture.

In her speech, she also urged the farmers to take the program successfully.

During the program, agricultural tools were also distributed to Shri Ruphan Lepcha.

In addition, an interactive session between farmers and agricultural scientists also took place during the program.