September 19, 2023

Telangana Agricultural Department publishes brochure on alternatives to paddy

Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Minister of Agriculture of Telangana

Without any assurance that the Food Corporation of India (FCI) will buy Rabi paddy from farmers in the state, the Ministry of Agriculture’s mission is to redirect farmers to alternative crops.

Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Telangana’s agriculture minister released documents on Monday presenting alternative crops and urged farmers not to plant rice in the next Rabi’s season.

A 40-page booklet titled Yasangilo variki baduluga itara trousers sagu cheddam(grow crops other than paddy in Rabi) is widely distributed to farmers as part of the department’s efforts. “Rice farming during the Kharif and Rabi seasons does not guarantee crop diversification in the state“The Center has already announced that boiling rice will be purchased. Crop diversification will help improve soil fertility. In Rabi 2021-22, cultivate crops other than paddy,” writes Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in the foreword to the booklet.

The rice field has grown from 34.92 lakh acres in 2014-15 To 1.06 acre crore in 2020-2021, according to the booklet. The increased availability of water was the reason for the expansion.

Farmers will suffer problems due to the shortage of rice, according to the brochure. He also covered 10 additional crops, including oilseeds, and how to manage them. Farmers are also encouraged to grow vegetables by the government.

The Department of Agriculture also published a document outlining the estimated yields for each alternative crop, in addition to the booklet. The different seed varieties available for these alternative crops, along with the grow time and other details, are all described.

Suggestions gleaned from the booklet

Sorghum can be grown as an intercrop in the red gram in Kharif, according to the booklet. Although sorghum is commonly grown in Mahaboubnagar, Adilabad, Medak, and Rangareddy districts, it can also be grown in mountainous regions of other districts.

Maghi Sorghum is a base culture for farmers of Khammam and Nalgonda. Sesame growers can make a lot of money with little investment. White sesame and shelled sesame can be exported to other countries if there are no pesticide residues.