September 19, 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture will supply 70% of fertilizers directly to government agencies

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh): Ahead of the Rabi season, the agriculture department decided to supply 70% of fertilizer directly to corporations (government agencies) and 30% to private companies to ensure constant availability of fertilizer among farmers.

The shortage of fertilizer remains at its worst during the Rabi season. Therefore, to ensure the availability of crop nutrients at affordable prices before the next Rabi season, some decisions have been made.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, the fertilizers will be directly stored in the companies to save time and money. According to the new instructions, the supply of 70% of fertilizer to companies (government bodies) and 30% to private companies will be ensured. National Fertilizers Limited and IFFCO as well as Chambal Fertilizer will be used this time. Farmers face difficulties in obtaining fertilizer for cash payment.

Meanwhile, officials said efforts were underway to make fertilizer available for cash payment. Relevant officials hold a review meeting, closely monitoring the availability and price of fertilizers for the benefit of farmers. State Congress Secretary and District Farmers Congress Officer Praveen Mangaria urged the collector to ensure the availability of fertilizers in the companies and a joint team should be formed to monitor the fertilizers.

Giving further information, AK Badoniya, Deputy Director of Agricultural Development Department, Mandsaur, said instructions had been received from the department. Efforts are being made to ensure that farmers do not face unavailability of fertilizers during the Rabi season.