September 19, 2023

Agriculture sector threatened by climate change, expert says – Pakistan

HYDERABAD: Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal, Water Expert and Dean of Agricultural Engineering Faculty, Sindh Agricultural University said that the agricultural sector in Sindh province is facing various threats and concerns due to climate change, after the adverse effects of flooding, experts will need to change the restoration of land, water, environment and cultivation practices through their research.

He said during the doctoral seminar entitled “Effects of tillage practices and organic fertilizers on soil properties, growth and yield of wheat and maize crops”, by Manzoor Ali Magsi, a researcher from the Department of energy and agricultural machinery, to the university senate.

Dr. Altaf Siyal said that depending on the properties of the soil, better production can be achieved by using proper land preparation, water and organic fertilizers from the farm in agriculture, whereas the traditional farming methods of the 75 years have failed to achieve significant results. He said modern methods of land preparation, fertilizer and water use have better effects on agricultural production, so after recent floods in Sindh, land conditions, crop selection and culture must be taken into account.

Manzoor PhD student Ali Magsi said better results have been achieved with ridge cultivation, use of organic fertilizers and proper use of water. He said that he proved during his research that the use of organic fertilizers in the preparation and cultivation of land and shallow plowing for wheat and deep plowing for corn and the use of manure natural from the farm can achieve better results in preparing the land, which will improve the health of the soil, water and the environment will also be better, he said, organic amendments will improve the resistance of the soil and chemical properties, which will ensure better production.

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