December 11, 2022

SAU Vice-Chancellor emphasizes effective research in agricultural sector

Vice Chancellor of Agricultural University of Sindh Dr. Fateh Marri said food security is a big threat in Sindh due to climate change and rising population. Sincere efforts are therefore needed to increase the maximum yield of crops by introducing new research.

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – November 21, 2022): The Vice Chancellor of Sind Agricultural University Dr. Fateh Marri said the food security is a big threat in Sind Due to climate change and increase in population, therefore, sincere efforts are needed to increase maximum crop production by introducing new research.

He underlined this while addressing the inauguration ceremony of a three-day training workshop on capacity building within the framework of the “Institutional Strengthening of the Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (UCSP) for water-related policies and practices by focusing Sind Water and Agriculture Transformation (To crush) Project, hosted by Sind Agriculture University TandoJam on Monday.

Dr. Fateh Marri said that agriculture production per acre of Sind province was greater than that of Punjab, but according to international standards, this production is not satisfactory. Experts must work on new products for harvesting 100 days of wheat and cottonhe pointed out.

Given the scarcity of resources in the water and the area of ​​agricultural land, he said experts should advance their research for new crop products, less the water consumer crops and less costly farming methods should be adopted. It is a matter of concern that World food and Agriculture revealed that 17% of our production is wasted, he informed.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Director of University Advancement and Financial Aid, said that everything experts related to agricultural irrigation, extension and economic institutions agreed that high yielding commodities and agriculture innovation must be encouraged for the agricultural development of Sind and the economic development of the population.

The training organizer, Dr. Jam Ghulam Murtaza Sahito, said this was the second of four training workshops organized by Sind Agriculture University in collaboration with PCMU Sind P&D department. During the ongoing training workshop, he informed that there will be nine interactive technical sessions for academic experts, agriculture Irrigation, P&D and SIDA officials as well as seven different resource persons with extensive experience will provide training to participants.

Among others, Ali Nawaz Channa, technical director Agriculture Extension, Bakht Ali Solangi, Regional Director Agriculture Marketing, Tariq Ali Dehraj Assistant Manager Technical Farm Water The management, Parvez Ahmed Banbhan Assistant Manager Transition SIDA and Ambar Sanam Laghari, Assistant Director SIDA also attended the ceremony.