September 19, 2023

Marcos Jr. to lead agriculture department ‘for now’ amid food crisis

Manila, Philippines (Updated June 21, 11:55 a.m.) – President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said he was taking over as agriculture minister “for now” because “the problem is serious enough” given rising commodity prices these days. last weeks.

During a press briefing on Monday afternoon, Marcos Jr. said he would focus on the department to secure the country’s food supply chain, which has been affected by “external forces” such as war. Ukraine-Russia.

He said he planned to increase production in a bid to counter rising food prices.

“We are going to rebuild the agricultural value chain and that is why it is important that the president takes this portfolio in order not only to make everyone understand what priority we place on the agricultural sector,” said Marcos Jr.

The president-elect also plans to restructure the department to prepare it for what the country would need after the pandemic. However, this is seen as his long term plan for the department.

Marcos Jr. noted that many agencies have already adjusted their functions, including the National Food Authority, which works to ensure food security as well as the production and price of grain rice in the country.

It also names the government food processing agency Food Terminal, Inc. as well as the Kadiwa program, a market for agricultural products at cheaper prices. These

“We need to restructure the current department in order to [as] to be more responsive to the global situation now with regards to [the] food supply,” said Marcos Jr.

The president-elect said he has already asked his economic team to prepare an economic forecast to help the country prepare.

Meanwhile, for the nomination of other cabinet members, Marcos Jr. said, “I really want to do the same before the inauguration.”

Marcos Jr. can create resilient food security — presidential adviser

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion hailed the president-elect’s decision, saying many micro, small and medium enterprises are based in agriculture.

According to Concepcion, it would be a natural fit for Marcos Jr. to continue his father’s plans in the industry.

“There are many programs started by his father that I believe can be revived and will result in benefits for the country’s agricultural sector,” Concepcion said.

“Masagana 99, Food Terminal Inc. and Kadiwa stores are just some of the projects that I believe can be revisited today,” he added.