September 19, 2023

The administrator can authorize the transfer of agricultural land from JK for public use: GoI

Srinagar: The Indian government said on Wednesday that according to Jammu and Kashmir’s adapted land laws, the administration can authorize the transfer of agricultural land for public purposes such as education, charity and health care.

“After August 5, 2019, all provisions of the Constitution of India were made applicable to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (JK), which necessitated amendments to existing laws in Jammu and Kashmir. -Kashmir through adaptation orders in order to comply with the provisions of the Constitution of India, ”Minister of State at Indian Interior Ministry Nityanand Rai said in a written response.

“In accordance with the adapted land laws of Jammu and Kashmir, the administration may, by notification to the Gazette, authorize the transfer of land for public purposes such as education, charity and health care.”

He was responding to a question from Congressman Akhilesh Prasad Singh to Rajya Sabha about whether the government had changed Jammu and Kashmir’s land laws in which no certificate of domicile or permanent resident is required to purchase land not farming in the JK.

To another question whether the landmark 1950 Jammu and Kashmir Land Abolition Act has been abolished, which led to sweeping land redistribution which paved the way for rural prosperity and terminated the landowner at JK.

The minister said: “Under the Jammu and Kashmir Abolition of Large Land Estates Act 1950, the land was transferred to the cultivators. The law also prescribed a limit on ownership of 182 standard canals (22.75 acres).

However, he said, this law has been repealed and there is another law, namely the 1976 Jammu and Kashmir Land Reform Law, for the transfer of land to cultivators which is in effect. This law prescribes a ceiling restriction of 100 standard kanals (12.5 acres).

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