December 5, 2022

Despite the pandemic, India’s agricultural sector is growing at a rate of 3.9%: Tomar

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, during a speech at an Agri-conclave, said India’s agricultural exports have exceeded Rs 4 lakh crore, which is a positive development .

According to Tomar, the industry has performed beautifully during the COVID pandemic.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the media that despite the pandemic, the country’s agriculture sector is currently growing at 3.9 percent. He credited the agriculture-friendly policies of the Indian government as well as the hard work of the farming community for making this possible.

The Union Agriculture Minister, speaking at an agricultural conclave hosted by a private TV station in the capital Bhubaneswar yesterday, said the country’s agricultural exports had reached great heights despite a global pandemic .

Farmers generated bumper food grain harvests, while the government purchased paddy and wheat crops at record highs, he noted.

According to the minister, India’s agricultural exports exceeded Rs 4 lakh crore, which is a positive development. Tomar says India is exporting wheat in large quantities as global demand increases due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The minister said the administration is dedicated to the development of farmers, rural areas and industries.

Union Agriculture Minister unveils integrated, high-tech online portals for agricultural export and import and pesticide registration in huge boost to ease of doing business .

According to the AIR correspondent, Tomar stressed the importance of creating jobs in agriculture and related industries to absorb the additional personnel, citing the fact that agriculture employs about half of the country’s population.

He said that under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has attempted to boost not only agriculture and related sector production, but also productivity through greater investment, infrastructure development and technological intervention.

According to the minister, the government has taken a number of initiatives to improve the quality of agricultural products while providing fair prices to farmers, market access and export potential for the country’s agricultural products.

First published: May 16, 2022, 02:58 IST