December 11, 2022

Dominica’s agricultural sector to reach new heights after new budget announcements

The Commonwealth of Dominica is making significant investments to build capacity in the agricultural sector. Home to tropical forests, abundant flora and fauna, the country has rich and fertile soil that helps support plant life. Elements such as soil, climate, topography and location give Dominica an advantage in growing its crops, and as the demand for organic food products increases globally, Dominica is giving the priority to the agricultural sector.

Farmers in Dominica grow a diversity of crops including bananas, sweet potatoes, plantains, citrus fruits, vegetables, coffee, patchouli, aloe vera, cut flowers, mangoes, guavas and the papayas. This year, during the presentation of the 2022-2023 budget, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced various measures for the revival of the agricultural sector. He said the government aims to increase agriculture’s contribution to EC$700 million by 2030.

Prime Minister Skerrit also indicated that the government would invest an initial amount of EC$1 million in the supply of greenhouses, insect nets, saran nets (also known as covering materials), equipment and protection systems. ‘irrigation.

He further announced that all investments will ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are available and affordable throughout the year, which will have a direct impact on reducing the food import bill as well as improving food safety.

“The government will continue the propagation program to ensure that a minimum of 600,000 seedlings are propagated and distributed to farmers at a subsidized price as an incentive for production. The government’s spread capabilities will be complemented by increased capacity,” the prime minister said.

In addition, to improve banana production, the government of Dominica will allocate special funds amounting to EC$1 million, which will support large banana producers. The government plans to provide additional support to farmers by making an additional EC$5 million available to DEXIA as a revolving fund for the purchase of agricultural products. This funding will provide packaging solutions to meet market needs for quality, price and consistency.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that the government will provide an additional EC$1 million in support for young farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, which will include grants for start-up capital, labor and supplies to parties eligible.

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